ERC calls for clear road map towards the restoration of a constitutional order necessary for the holding of democratic, free and fair elections in 2018

In light of the recent events in the country where the military has reportedly taken control of critical state agencies and apparatus, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) calls on the people of Zimbabwe to remain peaceful. The ERC strongly encourages the restoration of constitutional civilian order.

The ERC also implores those in authority to immediately avail a clear road map towards the restoration of a civilian constitutional order by ensuring they abide by the Constitution of Zimbabwe bearing in mind that the country is in the process of preparing for elections in 2018.

Further, the Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders and civil society organisations are strongly urged to act in concert and with the safety and security of the people of Zimbabwe in mind.

The ERC urges authorities to ensure the non-interruption of ongoing electoral processes especially voter registration ahead of the 2018 polls, guaranteeing that laws are fully aligned with the constitution and the political environment remains conducive for free participation by all Zimbabweans.


About the Election Resource Centre

Established in 2010, the Election Resource Centre (ERC) in a think tank and advocacy organisation on electoral and democracy issues in Zimbabwe. ERC focusses on three broad objectives, namely to create a conscious and responsible citizen who participates effectively in democratic and electoral processes; influence transparency, credibility and inclusiveness in electoral processes; and provide evidence based analysis for effective civic and policy engagement initiatives on democracy and elections. ERC’s mission is to provide credible information, strategic services and deliberative platforms to improve the quality of democracy and elections in Zimbabwe.


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