Mbire Constituency Profile

Constituency Biography

Mbire constituency was established in 2008 after delimitation. Mbire, sometimes referred to as the lower Guruve district, is furthest north sharing borders with Mozambique. The constituency is part of the three constituencies of Guruve district. The other two constituencies are Guruve-North and Guruve South constituencies. The constituency has areas such as Hunyani, Chikafa, Angwa -Bridge, Masoka, St Cecilia, Muzeza, Kanyemba, Chidodo and Musengezi. It has 15 wards. The constituency was allocated 39 polling stations in the July 31 Harmonized elections.

Farming, mainly cotton and maize and illegal gold panning, fishing and barter trading forms the major economic activities in the area. The constituency is periodically prone to floods and malaria.


Mbire Constituency has a total population of 82 380 of the total 40 604 are males and 41 776 are males. Mbire has 19 045 households. There were 33107 registered voters with 70% coming out to vote in the July 31, Harmonized election.

Legal Framework

The Mbire constituency fell vacant after the incumbent Member of Parliament, David Butau, was expelled from both parliament and Zanu PF party on the 21st of May 2015 together with six other senior members of the party. In December 2014, Butau was singled out as one of the senior ZANU-PF members who were behind Joice Mujuru’s attempt to unseat President Robert Mugabe from Power.  Butau was elected legislator for Mbire Constituency in Mashonaland Central in the elections held in 2013. Butau was a Member of Parliament from 2005 -2008.

President proclaimed the by-election date to fill the National Assembly constituency seat declared vacant on 11th June in terms of section 129(1)(k) of the Constitution after the expulsion from ZANU-PF of Butau.

The nomination Court set on the 20th of July at Bindura Magistrates’ Court and three candidates from different political parties successfully submitted their nomination papers.


The three candidates are Douglas Karoro of ZANU PF, Kudzanai Gondo of Transform Zimbabwe and Njabulo Sibanda of the National Consultative Assembly (NCA).


Since more than one candidate has been duly nominated in the Mbire constituency, a poll shall take place on Saturday , 19th September 2015, in accordance with subsection 17 of Section 46 of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) as read with Proclamation Number 7 of 2015.


Political History

Since independence before delimitation the district has been a stronghold of Zanu PF, a trend that didn’t change in the 2008 and 2013 elections. In 2008 Zanu PF candidate Paul Mazikana won the Mbire seat. In 2013 Butau won the seat and served till May this year when he was recalled by his party. The expelled Butau has had an on and off relationship with the ruling party. In 2007, when he was chairperson of finance portfolio committee, he fled the country to the United Kingdom after he was alleged to have externalized foreign currency. Butau returned in 2009 and was acquitted of the allegations. He subsequently reclaimed his parliamentary seat in the 2013 Harmonized elections.



Electoral History

The constituency is a ZANU PF stronghold since independence. In 2008, the opposition made serious inroads when McCormick Alan garnered 6137 votes compared to those of winner Mazikana who had 9610 votes. In 2013 elections however, the opposition was defeated by a very huge margin.


Candidate Votes
Mazikana Paul Herbel (Zanu PF) 9 610
McCormick Alan Ivor Cordner (MDC-T) 6 137
Total Votes Cast 16 082



Candidate Votes
David Butau (Zanu PF) 20 037
Gousalo Uys (MDC) 669
Nongera Gomorashe (MDC-T) 2 335
Total Votes Cast 23 614

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