Marondera Central Constituency Profile

Constituency Biography

Marondera Central, mainly comprising of Marondera town, is located in Mashonaland East province. Marondera central was born out of Marondera East and Marondera West after delimitation in 2008. It covers all the suburbs and plots close to the city centre. The population is more educated and enlightened. The infrastructure is well developed, although badly in need of maintenance and repair. Commercial farms surround Marondera and some of the residents find seasonal employment on the farms. As with other constituencies, there are a number of social and economic activities which are carried out in the constituency but most of them revolve around farming.


According to Zimbabwe 2012 census report Marondera Central has a total population of 61 998 up from 54 600 of 2002. Of the total population 28 980 are male up from 25 501 and 33 018 female up from 29 099 female of 2002. In 2013, the constituency had 26 888 registered voters with over 65% coming out to vote.

Legal Framework

The Marondera Central Constituency fell vacant after the expulsion of Ray Kaukonde from both parliament and Zanu PF party. Kaukonde, a businessman, was thrown out of the party after being linked to a group led by former vice President Joice Mujuru accused of wanting to topple President Robert Mugabe. President proclaimed the by-election date to fill the National Assembly constituency seat declared vacant on 11th June in terms of section 129(1)(k) of the Constitution after the expulsion from ZANU-PF of Kaukonde.


The nomination Court set on the 20th of July at Marondera Magistrates’ Court and four candidates from different political parties successfully submitted their nomination papers.


The four who filed their nomination papers are Lawrence Katsiru (Zanu PF), Wadzanai Mabika (National Constitutional Assembly), Solomon Makaza (Transform Zimbabwe) and Kingdom Nyika (Freedom Front Party).


Since more than one candidate has been duly nominated in the Marondera Central constituency, a poll shall take place on Saturday , 19th September 2015, in accordance with subsection 17 of Section 46 of the Electoral Act (Chapter 2:13) as read with Proclamation Number 7 of 2015.


Political History

Since independence before delimitation in 2008 the district has been a stronghold of Zanu PF. Before delimitation in 2008 the district was divided into two that is Marondera East and Marondera West. In 2005 parliamentary elections Zanu PF candidate Sydney Sekeramayi won in Marondera East with 19 192 over MDC candidate James Ian Kay of MDC who garnered 10 066 votes. In Marondera West, Ambrose Mutinhiri of Zanu PF won with 16 029 votes over MDC candidate Shadreck Chipangura who garnered 4 457 votes. After delimitation Marondera Central went to MDC-T after James Ian Kay defeated Zanu PF candidate Peter Murwira. Kay garnered 8 022 while Murwira amassed 3 170 votes. In 2013 the constituency was won by Zanu PF candidate Ray Kaukonde who garnered 9 308 votes over MDC-T Kay who got 7 892, Mandaza Kudzanai (MDC) who had 314 votes and Carlos Mudzongo an independent candidate.

ZANU PF Primary Election (14/7/2015)

Candidate Votes
R. Chimanikire 114
L. Chimoka 883
D. D. Chitekuteku 17
H. Gamu 40
C.J. Gotora 189
L. Katsiru 1 254
C. Kundiona 899
M. F. Matenga 52
B. Taruvinga 81
N. Watyoka 41
I. P. Makombe 16
Total Votes Cast 3 605
Total Spoiled Votes 49
Total Votes Cast Valid and Spoiled 3 656


Electoral History


Candidate Votes
Hunl Richard (Independent) 55
Kay James (MDC-T) 8 022
Marlmo Abel (Independent) 187
Murwira Peter (Zanu PF) 3 170
Nyika Kingdom 602
Total Votes Cast 12 103



Candidate Votes
Kaukonde Ray J (Zanu PF) 9 308
Kay James (MDC-T) 7 892
Mandaza Kudzanai (MDC) 314
Mudzongo Carlos (Independent) 112
Total Votes Cast 17 754

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