Epworth constituency profile

Constituency Biography

Epworth, a largely informal settlement 12 kilometers east of Harare, is arguably Zimbabwe’s biggest slum settlement and a conduit into Harare for poor newcomers. It is a high density dormitory town administered by the Epworth Local Board. Electricity is mostly found at service centres, some schools, offices and most of the western suburbs including Stopover, Chinamano and OverSpill. The majority of the people get by as street vendors and informal manufacturers. There are no street names but most of the plots are numbered. The community is divided into suburbs that are demarcated by dust roads. Major suburbs include Stopover, Chinamano, Dam, Zinyengere, Pentagon, Magada, Overspill, Maulana, Donhoro, Munyuki and Danastein. It is a poor suburb. There are three secondary schools namely Epworth High School, Domboramwari High School and Muguta Secondary School which was commissioned in 2007. Epworth settlement is divided into 7 political wards that are administered by the current Local Board with elected councilors.

Legal Framework

The Epworth House of Assembly seat fell vacant after the death of Amos Midzi on June 9, 2015. He is suspected to have committed suicide. The President on 8 May, in accordance with the Electoral Act, Section 39 (2) proclaimed the election on the 19th of September 2015. The nomination court will seat on the 12th of August.


According to census 2012 by Zimstat, Epworth had 167 462 inhabitants. Of these, 83983 are male, while 83 479 are female. There are 39060 as of 2013.

Electoral History

The constituency electoral history is marred by electoral violence particularly in 2008. The demography of the constituency makes susceptible to manipulation and abuse by candidates especially of the youthful unemployed citizens. The constituency has been dominated by opposition until the 2013 Harmonized election.

Epworth 2008
  Sex Party Votes Announced Audited Winner
Chimhau Tonderayi Victor M UPP 81 81
Chopamba Michael M Independent 59 59
Jembere Eliah M MDC Tsvangirai 6,220 6,219 Jembere Eliah
Kajau Garikai M MDC WITHDREW
Midzi Amos Benard Muvengwa M ZANU PF 4,758 7 4,754
Muzambwa E Chitauro M Independent 317 317
Rejected 194 196
Total Votes Cast 11,626
Total Valid Votes Cast 11,430
Voter Population 31,046
Percentage Poll 37.46% 37.45%








Epworth 2013  Sex Party   Total Votes Cast Total Valid Votes  Winner
Chopamba Michiel M MKD 103 103
Eliah Jembere M MDC-T 7951 7951
Mpanzure Jameson M Independent 164 164
Amos Bernard Muvengwa Midzi M ZANU PF 15468 15468 Amos Bernard Muvengwa Midzi
Muzumbwa Chitau Elvis M Independent 230 230
Sibanda Nicholus M MDC 1332 1332
Rejected 566
Total Votes Cast 25814
Total Valid Votes Cast 25248
Voter Population 39060
Percentage Poll 66.1% 64.64%

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